CROP is a mission of Church World Service.  Church World Service is working with partners in the U.S. and around the world to build interfaith and intercultural coalitions to eradicate hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice.  Together, we’re supporting sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance.

The Erie Community is proud to be involved in this critical mission that benefits both global and local charities. Sponsor a walker or walk yourself!


Our 40th Anniversary –

*We are collecting old Crop Walk Shirts to make a quilt for our 40th Anniversary to auction off to raise additional money for the walk.  Please drop off shirts at Church of the Cross or Lamb of God by June 1st.

* T-Shirt Contest:  A new design is needed for our 40th Anniversary.  All are invited to enter a design in our to by June 30th.  Voting instructions will be posted on our website and our Facebook Page on July 1st.  The winner will be announced on Coordinator’s Day – August 13th at First United Methodist Church

* 40 Day Devotional:  Each team is asked to send a short devotion and/or prayer to help us create a 40 Day Walk Devotional.  Please submit your entries by July 15th to